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Leigh Burgess is #bold.

Agile consulting, coaching, and curated events 

that bring together strategy, mindset, and wellness. 

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The 3 C's of Bold


With an eye towards driving performance, my unique consulting services provide a comprehensive blend of strategy, agile design thinking, and bold business moves. This dynamic pairing enables innovative action and creates conditions where leadership performance can be promoted to achieve extraordinary results


I help people achieve the maximum potential of their lives, enabling them to create a strong personal foundation to bring them closer to success and a meaningful lifestyle. Through the intersection of mindset, strategy, and wellness, I enable participants to discover new passions and gain greater clarity on what they would like to achieve in life.


The Bold Retreat: A multiday strategic wellness retreat for female executives to reset and realign their personal and professional goals. You have the chance to challenge yourself and go on a journey of awakening with fresh perspectives, gaining invaluable insight into your personal growth.


The Bold Table: An elevated networking dinner event that offers a unique opportunity to expand your community while having fun, meaningful conversations and bonding with like-minded women in an intimate energized atmosphere with special guest speakers. 

About Me


I'm a leader who takes big swings of bold and has created a multi-faceted organization dedicated to supporting clients and partners through consulting, coaching, and curated events.

With over 20 years of experience across business, healthcare, and education with Master’s degrees in Health Services Administration, Education, and Human Organizational Systems, I aim to solve problems for good.

Through proficiency in project management, communications and new business and technology initiatives, I've led executive-level projects and enjoy solving big problems or challenges that make the world a better place.

Problems I Solve

For Individuals

For Organizations

Resources & Freebies

Take a look at these complimentary resources to help support you along your bold journey. Whether you're in the mood to listen, read, or workout your mind, we have something for you!

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