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Updated: Nov 19, 2020

You are probably wondering why there is a cookie picture for this blog. Well, why not? Just kidding....

First, one thing to know about me is that I love cookies. Most recently, my go-to has been dark chocolate chip cookies smoked using cherry wood on the Traeger smoker. This pairs great with a homemade, five-ingredient vanilla custard. Together, the cookies and custard create layers of flavor that are carefully curated by the design of the recipe. Although, I tend to use the recipe as a guideline and add my own custom spin to the dish, furthering the different layers of flavor through various ingredients. A hint- my recipes, I always add more chocolate chips, more fruit and nuts and consider the recipe guidelines :)

Now, let's compare that to designing a room. There are several ingredients like furniture, rugs, accessories, paint, etc. and a recipe that many follow. To create a design for your room, what do you add, and what do you do differently than others who follow the recipe? One item I like to accessorize a room with, which also serves as a musical outlet, is a guitar or a Marshall Speaker. I add these elements to many of the rooms I design. That way, each place I design has a custom look and a signature design element that unites all of my spaces.

Food, interior design, construction, and business planning all have an element of design and finesse to them. Each encompasses a form or creativity, planning and customization. While you can use the basic "recipe" for each as a starting point, it is important to apply your own individuality to everything that you do.

What elements of design do you see if your world and where would you like to add more?

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