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Defining Moments

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

What moments have defined you, changed you or kick-started a fire within you?

These moments are certainly memorable as we learn, grow and evolve throughout our lives. The key takeaway for me though is: What did I learn? Sometimes you may learn a new skill or learn something new about yourself. You may have reaffirmation of something you already knew or knew about others. For me, I have had several defining moments in my life- events that have changed me for the good and better; although, I may not always have felt that way when they were occurring.

Many times in these moments we have to muster up courage, intellect, calmness and maybe even lead others. An example I can share has to do with creating a new path for myself as I move forward on my life journey. Being brave, being bold and being scared go hand-in-hand I learned. I am beginning to think through my career: What brings me joy in my work? What do I like working on? Who do I like working with? Not surprisingly, I need to design my life path with the ingredients and answers I give myself when I ask myself what is next and how I want to spend the time that I have been given in my life.

If you could do anything, paid or not paid, what would you do?

Wait for it-did your mind already talk you out of even thinking about it-try to fight the urge and be open to possibilities.

Would you be in an office, at home, spend more time with family, travel, cook, create a business, volunteer, paint, design...? The list really is endless, but our time is not. Be brave and take the time to enjoy the life you would like to have, and be the one who is designing the life you want to live. #beboldbebrave #boldindustriesgroup #thinkBIG

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