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Wear the Hat!

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

This is a fun, yet important post about feeling ok and confident to be YOU! I have often struggled with feeling pretty or feeling like I look in-shape enough. I have lost pounds and gained pounds and am a work in progress to create the healthy balance I am seeking. I just keep working on it and do not beat myself up when I eat a brownie or have a hot cocoa. So far this year, with a goal of losing 50 pounds, I have lost 23 and will keep at it.

One accessory I have always wanted, but never had the confidence to wear, was a hat. I have a lot of hats- baseball hats, ski hats, engineer hats and rancher hats- but I have never worn most of them in public.

This fall, I decided to get the confidence up enough to wear my rancher hat. I live in an area where there is not a lot of rancher hat wearing, so undoubtedly it would likely bring attention to myself, which is something I prefer not to do. On the other hand, I really like the hat. Having my doubts, I asked my husband, and without hesitation, he said with a big smile, "Wear the hat." Without knowing it, he gave me a huge boost of confidence, and I wore the hat. Wearing the hat sparked a happiness, a confidence, an acceptance of myself that I had not felt in quite awhile. I struggle to feel good about me sometimes and it was so encouraging to feel beautiful inside and out!

Now my moment was a hat, what is your moment? What can you encourage yourself to do today that you have not done before but have always wanted to?

Just hear the words, "Wear the hat" and go for it! #beboldbebrave #boldindustriesgroup #thinkBIG

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