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Welcome & Introduction

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could do anything?

I will give you a hint- that it is brave, bold and a little frightening.

Have you ever said to a friend or family member, "I would do this, if I could do anything?" Do you then think through all the logical and reasonable reasons why the dream job you would love to do, but are not doing, would not make sense? If this resonates with you, then you are not alone. Life is tough sometimes, and decisions are not just about us. They involve our families and those we care about, and you can't just do things on a whim. I totally get it.

Ultimately, it is not about finding your bravery; it is about freeing it.

I believe in pursuing new opportunities to free your bravery and boldness. Being happy, valuing self-care and trying something that is not guaranteed is vital for living a life with no regrets.

Join Me on My Journey

Creating your own company and jumping into being an entrepreneur is a BOLD step. I want to share the journey with you as it happens, a documentary of being bold and brave and what I learn and can share with you along the way!

I hope that you will follow along as I leap into the unknown. I am sure to succeed and fail along the way, but regardless, I will be moving forward. I have changed courses in my life and want to share my personal and professional journey with you. Normally, I am very guarded and shy, but am hoping by sharing my experiences you can gain insight and I can help others. Driven by my passion for life, learning, food, music, design, creativity and most importantly- the love of my family and friends, I am reclaiming who I am. Life has knocked me down a time or two, but it is time to get back up and live the life I have imagined.

#beboldbebrave #boldindustriesgroup #thinkBIG

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