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Your Space Supports Your Happiness

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Ever wonder why you work better in one space over another? Recently, we renovated our screened porch and made it more of screened living room. It has made all the difference in how we use the room and how much time we spend in it.

It was a fairly "easy" renovation- mainly painting, adding furniture and a few succulents (hoping I can keep them alive :) - but the transition from a room we just walked through into a room we actually live in has been notable. We added a light paint color, a super comfy couch and a few items to accentuate the space but not a lot of clutter. The main goal was to create an outdoor space to live in, hopefully for four seasons of the year.

The above picture shows what the space has become. It is now an inviting space I have used to work, write, think, have a glass of wine and rest. It makes me happy to be in the space, and I feel more creative. Adding in more light and comfortable furniture has made all the difference in creating a way to be in a healthy space.

Even though this was just a physical space mini-renovation, it made me think that maybe we all need a mental space mini-renovation from time-to-time. Do you need some new space to think, to create, to analyze or to just take a deep breath? Are you happy in your physical and mental space? You are the lead designer of your space (both mental and physical) and can make and plan the changes you would like to see.

What would be your next move if you were to renovate your mental space? #beboldbebrave #boldindustriesgroup #thinkBIG #sarahfaulknerart

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